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Turn your vision into reality with our expert services designed to exceed the ordinary and craft the extraordinary. Our commitment is to build not just structures, but legacies, where every detail encapsulates the breadth of your larger vision. Partner with us to create spaces that are a true reflection of your aspirations, sculpting the future with each brick laid.

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10 Years Of Undefeated Success

QS Global is offering Construction Management Services to it’s clients in all over the world. You can check our portfolio and popularity on the Blue Book.


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Monthly Takeoff Packages

Subscribe to our monthly takeoff packages and cut your in-house estimating costs by up to 70%. Bid more, win more, and access all services in one place, all while enjoying greater accuracy and efficiency.

Construction Bid Estimates

Our construction estimates for contractors and subcontractors integrate zip code-specific material and labor costs for precision. Serving all trades from airport highways to HVAC projects, we offer unmatched accuracy and experience.

Consultation & Bid Filing

Gain insights on construction cost estimation, takeoffs, and budget management through our expert consultation, enhancing your bid-winning strategies and business growth as a contractor. We guide you beyond proposals to outshine competitors and generate more leads.

Preliminary and Construction Document Estimate

We deliver commercial to final construction estimates for developers, assisting with loans, client budgeting, land cost-benefit analysis, and budget preparation for contractor hiring. Our service portfolio encompasses Commercial, Residential, Civil, and Industrial Estimates.

Preliminary Design Estimates

Our preliminary estimating service for Architects & Designers is unparalleled, offering defensible and accurate assessments from schematic to construction documents, rooted in extensive project experience.

Comprehensive Estimating Through Design Phases

We support Architects & Designers with detailed design estimates through all design stages, ensuring precision and reliability in conceptualization and planning.


Committed To Keep People Healthy & Safe

Dedicated to fostering well-being, we prioritize health and safety in every endeavor, ensuring that the protection of our community is at the forefront of our actions. Our pledge is to maintain a secure environment where people can thrive without compromise.

We Follow Best Practices

With years of experience, we navigate the evolving construction industry, guiding clients with industry insights and cutting-edge technology to save time and money. Our commitment to excellence streamlines your estimating, scheduling, and cost management processes.

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Science Lab Building

New York, USA

Long Gate Bridge

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Enix Lawyer Building

Toronto, CA

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Whar Our Clients Say


Engineering Manager

Alice Howard

"Quantum Space Global has been instrumental in our project planning, providing detailed cost and quantity estimates that have become integral to our budgeting and land acquisition strategies. Their precision and reliability have significantly contributed to our success, and we wholeheartedly recommend their construction cost estimating services."

Interior Designer

Nathan Marshall

"The expertise of Quantum Space Global in construction cost estimating has consistently exceeded our expectations. Their meticulous work has been crucial in our decision-making process, giving us the confidence to move forward with complex projects. Their role in our development team has been invaluable, and we cannot recommend them enough."


Ema Romero

"Working with Quantum Space Global has transformed the way we approach our development projects. Their comprehensive and accurate cost estimates have been key to our financial planning. The professionalism and depth of knowledge they bring to the table are unmatched. We regard their services as essential to our operations."


Ann Smith

"Quantum Space Global's team has provided us with exceptional cost estimating services that have been a cornerstone of our budgeting process. Their insights and attention to detail have played a pivotal role in our land acquisition successes. We are impressed with their work and endorse their services without reservation."

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are not dealing with projects according to time, and our pricing relies on a per-project basis. Our experts deliver estimates for different busy contractors that demand “on-demand” estimates to complete it. Further, our contractor’s bid is based on a few projects in a month. We provide cost-effective and reliable pricing to save your construction project cost and complete it within a certain time limit.

Our estimated time of delivery is between 24 – 48 hours. It depends on the size of a construction project. While the average rate of a construction project lies between 2-4 days. We also manage to deal with different projects that demand quick delivery. You just have to notify us of the bid date, and our professional estimators will assist you accordingly. It costs a minor expedite fee so that things go better. Also, you will receive a quick delivery within a guaranteed date.

World Estimating is a reliable platform that delivers accurate and cost-efficient results using different software for estimating. Our labor and material pricing comes from the usage of the following software.

  • Plan Swift
  • RS Means
  • Blue beam
  • Quest Estimating
  • Fast PIPE
  • Fast DUCT
  • IMHS Marks Systems
  • Trimble